At Least One

Sep 25

Stuff from September part II

Had a grand old time with my team painting faces and all that jazz. Got scorpion bowls with my good friend that just turned 21 and went to the Rochester fair with my baby.

Sep 25

Month of September part 1

So here are some September things. I’ve tied my hair in a bow and started getting my ass kicked for crew
Scored some awesome stuff at a dorm from an English boy who left the country
Bought some awesome leggings
Met a pretty fucking adorable kitty
Went tailgating for the first time
Watched some friends struggle with getting on the whale in Portsmouth
Watched a friend win the fishtival competition in Portsmouth
And bought food for my entire team to have a cookout.

Aug 27

The last few weeks of August,

After finishing my job off I saw the Hood blimp in Portland and watched the sunrise for the sixth anniversary of my dads passing.

I went on a beautiful little get away with my love in kennebunkport and had incredible Nutella cheese cake.

I went to my friends lake house and enjoyed drunken downtime with the girls.

Recruited people for crew and moved shit into my dorm for my lovely senior year.

And had lots of stuff cooked for me including coconut shrimp with a peach and pineapple sauté sauce and homemade chips and salsa. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

Aug 27


The past few weeks of August,

I have lost track of what I have done each of the days. So let me just fill in a few of them.

I caught up with a friend and had really yummy drinks. Also taught him how to make elf boots out of a dollar bill.

I went to lobster on the rough and had sea food and drinks with my best friend her boyfriend and his mom. I kicked her and beaus ass at botchy ball and the two man band there let me sing wagon wheel and Route 66 with them.

I walked across the new memorial bridge on opening day. It’s awesome.

And I spent all yesterday with my love biking and building rock things and talking. It was perfect.

Aug 1

July 31, 2013

The Head and the Heart is a pretty good way to end the month of July. Awesome show. :)

Wine Skype date with my wonderful friend who’s currently in NYC.

Aug 1
July 30, 2013
Aug 1

July 29, 2013

Watched Nemo and (some of) jaws at Prescott park with my bestie and her boyfriend. It was great till it started raining. But hey, we got glow sticks.

I did nothing today. Legitimately nothing. And I loved every second of it.

You need those days you know.

Aug 1
July 28, 2013

Today I shot guns are oysters and boogie danced. It was a good night I think.

Aug 1
July 27, 2013

I really just need to so nothing today.

Jul 28